How To Build The Best Walker Go Bag: A Checklist to Stay Prepared for Disaster

Last Updated on March 17, 2022 by John Martin
Walker Go Bag

A Walker Go Bag Gives You A Level of Security

Disaster strikes and you must leave home in a hurry. Look no further than the news to see proof of how likely this will happen. Are you and your senior loved ones ready for this? Here’s how to pack a walker go bag for calories, hydration, along with some evac comfort and safety.

A small walker-attached bag like the one above can hold the most vital items. Pack an additional small backpack (that even someone else can carry) and you’ve created a real safety net.

Here’s A List of What You Will Need

Walker Go Bag Checklist

1Bag (for Walker)
232oz Water Bottle, Filled
3No-Cook Emergency Food (Energy Bars, Fig Newtons, etc. in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
4Basic First Aid Kit ( in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
5Medications (for 2 Weeks in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
6Emergency Whistle
7Travel Wallet (with Neck Strap and ID)
8Small Notepad and Pen (2 of Each, in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
9Wall Plug and USB Charging Cable for Phone (in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
10Headlamp (in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
11Dust Mask (N95 is Best, in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
13Mini Hand Sanitizers
14Toilet Paper (Flatten the Roll for Easier Packing, in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
15Emergency Mylar Blanket
16Documents (Medication List, Medical Info Including Allergies, List of Medical Devices and Model Numbers, Home Deed/Lease, Birth Certificate, Insurance Policies, Emergency Contact Info for Family/Friends - in Waterproof Plastic Bag)
17Extra Waterproof Plastic Bags
18Cash and Coins (Small Amount)

Extra Backpack Checklist

1Foldable Wide Brim Hat
2Wool/Fleece Beanie Cap
3Shemagh (Large Bandana)
4Bright Hooded Rain Poncho
6Long-Sleeved T-Shirt
8Pajamas/Night Clothes
12Toiletry Kit
13Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss
14Collapsible Bowl for Cleaning Dentures/Etc
15Mini Travel Towels (2x)
17First Aid Manual
18Multi-Purpose Tool or Pocket Knife
19Plastic Garbage Bags for Sanitation
20Pet Supplies (Including Food and Vaccination Records)
21House/Car Keys
22Cold Weather Clothes
23Sleeping Bag
24Extra Batteries (for Flashlight, Hearing Aids, Other Medical Devices)

OPTIONAL ITEMS: A simple massage tool. Why? As we age, muscle cramps/aches can get so bad, it can mean the difference between moving to safety or giving up. Stack the deck in your favor and get the small, lightweight kind – no electricity needed.

Other possible necessities include plenty of wet wipes.

Depending on the person, packing some copies of photos with loved ones and a favorite book (small and light) can really provide some comfort in a time of crisis.

TIP: Make sure you stow your extra backpack right beside where you put glasses, hearing aids, medications and other medical devices.

That way, you can throw these items in the extra backpack in a jiffy.

Did I miss something? How does this list work for you? Let me know in the comments below.