Hi, I’m John Martin, and I created Prep to Live to make it easier for you to prepare for emergencies.

You already know life is getting more uncertain each day.

COVID is now creating havoc around the world.

John Martin

Then there are hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, volcanos, riots…and the list keeps growing.

False alarms? Well, many ignored COVID until it struck near home.

You can’t be 100% ready for the future. Yet being reasonably prepared makes sense.

Who is this website for?

The totally unprepared newbie, the weekend camper and everyone between, all the way to the expert seeking to advance their skills. (Yes, true experts will keep reading more in their field.)

But you won’t find conspiracy theories, politics or preaching here. 

You don’t have to be a “prepper.”

You know the stereotype – the guy selling his house and car to buy a bunker somewhere and stock it with a decade of food and ammo.

That’s not me either.

But it’s not alarmist or weird to be concerned about you and your family.

You’re a responsible adult. You know life is getting harder. And you’re smart enough to start doing something about your situation.

Prep To Live is like Brian Tracy (goal setting) meets Dr. Oz (health matters) meets Bear Grylls and Survivorman (survival.)

Yet be careful…

The internet is full of info on these topics that can easily waste your time, money, get you confused or worse.

People will make all kinds of bizarre, unfounded, selfish and hype-filled claims to get your attention, take your money or somehow fit their agenda.

What you find on this site is very different. I will not advertise useless things. I make every effort to keep the info true, practical and useful for you.

I could easily put all this knowledge into books you’d have to pay for. Instead, I wanted to make it available to you at no cost.

Yet it costs me a lot. A considerable amount of time and effort and money.

Yes I do have links on this site that allow you to buy things. The idea is to make it easier for you to get what I recommend. Plus the very small amount I get helps to offset my costs.

For example, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Yet I value your trust far more than anything I get. In fact, I will not recommend something unless I already have it and use it. Or people I consider true experts are recommending it.

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn here at Prep To Live…

Hypothermia nearly finished me some years ago. I was hiking with some woodsy guys and none of us had any idea “cotton kills” in wet, cold weather.

Then I listened to some outdoor “experts” and bought a bunch of stuff that turned out to be way too heavy to carry.

How do you solve these problems? Synthetic clothes and ultralight gear.

Another life or death example.

The government (ready dot gov slash kit) says you need a gallon of clean water per person per day. Right so far.

But then they say you should store 3 days worth in your home. Better than nothing, right?

Consider these things…

Is help guaranteed to come in 3 days? What if the crisis forces you to flee your home? What if you can’t use your vehicle?

Could you carry gallons of water in a backpack (along with everything else you need) for miles? Or up/down flights of stairs? What if you’re injured?

A water bottle plus a lightweight, low-cost filter can fix all these problems.

Prep to Live is committed to collecting the very best, most thoroughly researched, expert advice that’s easiest for you to use.

All to help you be more ready for (almost) anything.

Of course, I ‘m not a doctor or lawyer, so I have to say…

By using this site, you agree that all the content you see here is much like “infotainment.” In other words, I hold no liability whatsoever for anything that happens to you. Use your head… I’m pretty sure you’ll be alright.

That said…

The things I recommend to you, I’m literally trusting with my life.

Hours of painstaking research, reading reviews, consulting experts, comparing gear… to reach these decisions.

All so you can be the most prepared, faster and easier, with less stress and hassle.

If you have any questions about Prep To Live, please contact me here.

I hope you enjoy Prep To Live!

John Martin, Founder